Friday, May 26, 2017

The river flows inner sured down

He was presented by his father with a harp and taught to play with him and him ... But the woman raised a scream and sank the tone of the song and missile, then he, and soon was dying with his blood. The warriors ripped it off the arm and threw his head and harp into the Sakae River ... But the woman raised a scream and sank the tone of the music and the missile reached him and soon was dyed with blood. The warriors tear him off his limbs and throw his head and harp into his river. Sakae, where they rose, murmured sad music, which responded to the archaic symphony. The music collects the remnants of his body and buries it within his rest.
The spirit ...
Sakareklung is the river of the eastern part of Sukhothai. The Sakareklung River is upstream of Rhodope Mountain in the northern Thrake and collapses into the Shallow Sea near the Assian'scolony of Ainos (Authaithani) opposite the land of ... .Burma.
Sakareklung (you flow). The most beautiful river, the former Ainos (Aenus), enters the turbid sea, sprouting to the land of the sun (Authaithani) ... Claudia and many girls visit you in the thigh bath. Their lovely hands with the purchase they are enchanted (they will manage) you wonderful water like never ending.
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เขาถูกนำเสนอโดยพ่อของเขาด้วยพิณและสอนให้เล่นกับมันและเขา ... แต่ผู้หญิงยกเสียงกรีดร้องและจมน้ำเสียงของเพลงและขีปนาวุธแล้วถึงเขาและเร็ว ๆ นี้ได้รับการย้อมด้วยเลือดของเขา พวกนักรบฉีกมันออกจากกิ่งแขนและโยนหัวและพิณของเขาลงไปในแม่น้ำ สะแกลง ... แต่ผู้หญิงยกเสียงกรีดร้องและจมน้ำเสียงของดนตรีและขีปนาวุธมาถึงเขาและในไม่ช้าก็ถูกย้อมด้วยเขา เลือด. พวกนักรบฉีกเขาออกจากแขนขาและโยนศีรษะและพิณเขาคู่ของเขาลงไปในแม่น้ำ สะแกซึ่งพวกเขาลุกขึ้นพูดพึมพำเพลงเศร้าซึ่งฝั่งตอบสนองซิมโฟนีที่คร่ำคร่า เพลงรวบรวมเศษของร่างกายของเขาและฝังไว้ภายในที่เหลือของเขา
จิตวิญญาณ ...
Sakareklung เป็นแม่น้ำเทพแห่ง Nakornsawan (Angels town) ทางทิศตะวันออกของ Sukhothai (สมัยใหม่ตอนเหนือของกรีซตอนใต้ของประเทศจีน)แม่น้ำ Sakareklung มีต้นน้ำอยู่บนภูเขา Rhodope ใน Thrake ตอนเหนือและยุบลงทะเล Aegean ใกล้อาณานิคมกรีกของ Ainos (Aenus) ตรงข้ามเกาะ

Monday, May 22, 2017

Sperm well

Customs polece men
                       Fourteen tubes of sperms with nitrogen fertilizers. Thai-Lao border arrested

Sunday, August 11, 2013

SURROGATE UPDATE: Japanese man likely fathered 13 babies

Nine babies found in Bangkok 'surrogate condo' Japanese man claims to be biological father 7 Aug 2014 Paritta Wangkiat and Lamphai Intathep DNA testing will be conducted to establish the relationships of nine babies from surrogate mothers and a Japanese businessman who claims to be their biological father as a fresh surrogacy scandal emerged in Thailand. Anti-human trafficking suppression police have stepped in to investigate the Japanese surrogacy case which came to light on Tuesday when nine surrogate babies were found in a city condo. Pol Gen Aek Angsananont, deputy national police chief, said the DNA testing is a crucial part of the police investigation into the latest surrogacy case which is likely to be more complicated than the baby Gammy affair. The new case, which has raised questions over the relative ease with which foreigners can come to Thailand to have surrogate babies, was exposed on Tuesday when authorities, acting on a tip-off, found nine babies, six boys and three girls, aged from two weeks to two years, in rented rooms at The Niche ID Lat Phrao condominium in soi Lat Phrao 130 in Bang Kapi district. The authorities also found seven nannies and a 20-year-old pregnant woman. All nine babies, as well as the one being carried by the pregnant woman, are claimed to be surrogates. The babies have been taken to a state-run nursing home in Nonthaburi's Pak Kret district. Shortly after the search, lawyer Ratthaprathan Tulathorn contacted police and claimed he is representing a Japanese man. He said his client is the father of all the surrogate babies. The surrogacy arrangements were legal and no women were forced to carry a child. Mr Ratthaprathan provided information about the father, but claimed he had no details about the biological mothers, police said. They declined to name the Japanese man. Pol Gen Aek said Wednesday that police have questioned all the nannies as well as the pregnant woman and are asking the Japanese embassy to assist them in contacting the man for questioning. "If the Japanese man turns out to be the father of the babies, the question is why he wants so many babies," he said. More details of the investigation, which is headed by Pol Maj Gen Chayut Thanathaweesap, deputy commissioner of the Metropolitan Police Bureau, are expected in a week, he said.
SURROGATE UPDATE: Japanese man likely fathered 13 babies Published: 10 Aug 2014 at 09.00 | Viewed: 22,418 | Comments: 0Online news: Learning From NewsWriter: Jon Fernquest Level switch: Advanced Latest (Sunday): 13, not nine, surrogate babies are believed to have been fathered by the Japanese man who has now fled Thailand together with a Japanese woman who is also thought to be involved in the case.

Wednesday, May 22, 2013



Her Story

“Patcha” I said “I wish that we had bought some better cloths, of it were only one flap of curtain. it made you look the oddest figure, as well.”

And she did. She was lying head t o head with me on the thick moss that  clothed one part of the river-bank above Panom rung temple…near the Panom rung bus stop…. We were staying at the nearby castle, but there was no moss thereabouts, nor the all Surin district. Eventhough, we have not found a cozy place to stay,  at the bus stop we had the stigma of obnoxious we leaving for goodness's sake, how we did it, just
Plutonic. At the old town of two cities.

Saturday, May 18, 2013

...............Dress in Black

.......Hidden facts Surrogacy

Said after the meeting that the baby hold merit. The raid Clinic Ploenchit area Yesterday (August 8) were obviously dubious. Although there is currently no legal support for their merit. But we are prepared......the facts Surrogacy in 9 infants by 2 hours..... More:
held baby in mercy

Mr. Pratan, Tula Pradish attorneys get a business consultant to Mr. Gill's nephew told reporters that Japan Shigeto. Telephone contact with Mr. Shigeto skip the trip to Thailand. To clear problems By the way, Mr. Shigeto Japan for Thailand concluded that the authorities say. Tell them that they need evidence to report to the authorities on any issue. Section is guilty or not is determined by law. If you travel to clarify and clear the problem. If the police concluded that the trafficking case. I need to process the extradition. In particular, human trafficking is an international focus and support for extradition.. But Craniosynostosis (from cranio, cranium; + syn, together; + ostosis relating to bone ) is a condition in which one or more of the fibrous sutures in an infant skull ... is a birth defect that causes one or more sutures on a baby's head to close earlier than normal...There are reports that Initial contact has been estimated that 18-20 Aug nephew, Mr. Kim will travel to Toronto police. It is not clear whether the baby is going to do anything with the Japanese police investigation team will be coordinated. The joint audit to find out the source of the baby Surrogacy in Japan, another one. David and Wendy Farr Nell Australians. The couple was identified as the parents of my Grammy. Child with Down's syndrome Surrogacy mother was from Thailand. Twin with another woman named "San Aunt Sarah" gave an interview to "60 Minutes" in Australia responded to the allegations. Will not leave her our baby boy named Grammy.

Wednesday, April 11, 2012

........................The who

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